Our Team

Andrew & Leanne Roughton

Senior Pastor

Andrew and Leanne moved to Raglan from Hamilton in 2014, with their three children.

Andrew has always been captivated by the way Jesus went out of his way to speak to people no one else was interested in. He was always speaking to the so-called "wrong" people, speaking to them in public, having meals with them, healing them, and showing them the way to God.

"Jesus was always reaching out to people at the end of their tether, so that's what I want to spend my life doing."

Andrew 2017


07 825 6563 or 021 419 935


Kevin & Shelley Ormsby

Assistant Pastor

Kevin & Shelley are also fairly new to Raglan. They moved here from Hamilton where they had a Christmas tree farm.

Kevin has learned first-hand that all the success in the world is meaningless in it's own right. It just doesnt satisfy the soul.

"I've discovered that it's only the love of Jesus that satisifes. Nothing else comes close!"

Kevin Ormsby


07 825 0432